Your Divine Fire Creations Organic Clearing Mist is extraordinary. I knew it would be good coming from you, Sandra and Alan, but I was absolutely struck by the mystical forest scent and the gentle caress of it sprinkling down onto my face and neck. It seems a little silly to be so grateful for something that comes in the mail, and I know anything that comes from you is built with love from the ground up, and your Clearing Mist is no exception. Thank you for whatever you did to create this magic potion, and please put me on regular shipments for it !

~ Scott Ware of Radiance Magazine ~

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Click on the video to learn more about the alchemical process used to create the Organic Clearing Mist by Divine Fire Creations! 

Produced By: Alpine Made LLC

If you could eliminate 94% of airborne bacteria, neutralize Positive IONS that cause tiredness, increase your clarity and awareness, improve your mood plus help your lungs, brain and skin function would you try it?

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