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Twin Flame Divine Fire 

Alan & Sandra's journey spans three and a half decades! It's almost hard for them to believe. And, yet here they are together, walking this wild and crazy path! If you had told them when they met in the 1980's, that the chain of events they experienced were going to unfold, they certainly they would have said, "NO WAY! Nope you are delusional!" And, yet, here they are together.

After meeting and marrying each other earlier in life and having a set of twins, they separated in the 1990's to go their own ways and live completely separate lives. In 2011, however, in what most might have coined a "mid-life crisis," came a re-connection and recognition that was a complete surprise to them both! Sandra and Alan now know this was an awakening remembrance of who and what they are together and why they are here.

Together, they are now experiencing being spiritual beings who are living a human ADVENTURE! Primarily tasked with “Standing in Their Loving Union” by their Higher Selves, Future Selves, Source, Creator, they are here to LIVE and have human experiences. They are here to heal and walk a path that can only be described as


"Divine Fire Awakening!"



For the past 5 years, Alan & Sandra have been blessed to be able to give voice to ALL modalities of awakening

through their popular "Twin Flame Divine Fire Radio Show," which is a part of the Truth Frequency Radio Family.

Through cozy conversations on their show, they share with their listener-ship the enlightened souls they meet along

their path and their stories. Each week, Alan & Sandra bring much needed information and inspiration for the times.

They also do healing and re-calibration attunements with souls seeking assistance in moving beyond their own

limitations by helping them make the energetic leap into their own higher calling paths.

For more information on Alan & Sandra, contact them at


1980's to 1990's

The Beginning

In our 20's life was,pretty exhausting,physically,

physiologically and yet we really thought we knew everything.  We separated after having children and realizing we could not handle our volatile nature! Serious choices had to be made. We divorced in 1991.



The Reconnect

After having a dream that Alan's mother had passed away, Sandra began searching for Alan to get answers. His mother passed away September 11th, 2010.

After reconnecting 3 years of communication and knowing the connection was to strong to ignore ,they come back together 2012.

Sandra and Alan 2016.jpg

2017 - Today 

Radio Hosts

After coming back together a chain of events began to unfold, we knew life was about to become very interesting. And the Journey began to help others with information that assisted them. Its been a wild and wonderful Journey. We have been so blessed to experience some "out of this world" unexplainable  things!

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