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 Re-Calibration Session  

With the intense energy coming into the planet from all directions, are you feeling something rise in you demanding you acknowledge it?

These energies elicit purging of old beliefs on a massive scale and it won't go away.

Crying, Lethargic, Fatigue, Exhaustion and even Anger with sudden urgency?

NOW is the time to move beyond your own

limitations by seeking assistance to  make the energetic leap into YOUR own higher calling.

Re-Calibration is not as complicated as some may think, we assist you to go into the silence of your mind, which to most is not as easy as you may think! By doing so you gain glimpses of what you have placed in your Vortex! You will be blown away by what is waiting for you in this space of silence!


 Re-Calibration Guidance 

In this we encourage you to look at the deeper things that are coming up for you in your 3D reality! Are you overlooking something that could be key in shifting your experience! Its like jumping from a cliff into a cool body of water, you know when you jump it is a physical feeling of fear and excitement (what lies below the surface) but when you jump you reach the bottom and touch the bottom and push off to resurface and breathe in that amazing fresh breath of air! Clarity is now the energy you have experienced! Now when you have to jump again it is the excitement of knowing the positive ex·hil·a·ra·tion of life!

We assist you to look at your surroundings differently and this is the amount of time to make a simple thought become your reality to re-train your FREQUENCY to start manifesting positive physical results!

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  Re-Calibration Session 1 hour $152

 4x Sessions per month 45min  $369

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