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Divine Fire Creations ~ Organic Clearing Mist

Many years ago we, Alan and Sandra, had a dream about a cabin and carrying boxes of spray bottles. At the time neither of us knew exactly what this meant. As spiritual healers we use crystals, white sage and frankincense daily to cleanse and clear negative energy around us. This practice is great in the home but it is not practical if you need to clear your energy on the go. Over the years we tried a few times to DIY sprays that just did not work out so we stopped trying and focused on the services we could provide. Then a few years ago we received a booking request for one of our healing services. This serendipitous meeting with Kerry Plank, owner and operator of Alpine Made LLC, evolved into a collaboration to create our Organic Clearing Mist making our dream a reality. 

This unique clearing mist is created using ancient traditional cultural practices by Alpine Made LLC in South Wales, NY. It is made using special purified water infused with the sun's energy, certified organic white sage and frankincense essential oils, and royal shungite. A lot of indigenous cultures in North and South America believe white sage is the most potent to work against energetic negativity. Energy plays a big role in how we form our emotional responses to those around us and the world. This organic clearing mist assists with protection against EMF damage, a very real concern with the abundance of technological devices we're all exposed to. Perfect for personal protection in your home or anywhere that is an unsettling environment.