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Order your bottle of  Organic Clearing Mist  

Organic Clearing Mist

This unique herbal blend with frankincense contains Shungite to assist with protection against EMF damage, a very real concern with the abundance of technological devices we're all exposed to. Perfect for personal protection in your home or anywhere that is an unsettling environment. 

Created by: Divine Fire Creations

Produced by: Alpine Made LLC

Certified organic by:

NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC

Alpine Made.png

Universal Energy Grids

~ by Sandra 

Universal energy grids are created intuitively for each individual using sacred geometry + intuitive messages through the Frequency of ART! If you are interested in having a personalized intuitive sacred grid and consultation please contact Sandra at

Paintings~ by Alan 

Alan lives his passion as an artist using creative inspiration and expression through painting.

If you are interested in ordering an oil painting please contact Alan at

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